eBook – Innovation Leadership: Its contribution to high performing innovation results

Innovation Leadership: Its contribution to high-performing innovation results

eBook: 43 pages

Learn about

  1. The Four Levels of Innovation Leadership
  2. The Seven central ideas in the custom and practice of leading innovation
  3. The Ten Innovation Killers.
  4. How the Innovation Leadership MapTM guides an improvement agenda
  5. How to develop organizational behaviours and routines that put Learning at the heart of your business.

Innovation is a top-three strategic concern of business leaders according to IBM (2010) and it remains so.

Innovation leadership is a special class in a broad church of the leadership body of knowledge: It’s about ensuring the future of the firm.

Companies and economies are constantly looking for ways to boost their financial returns. Creativity and its Leadership have been identified as critical skills for corporate leaders in the 21st Century and a differentiator of company performance.

Launching new products, services or developing new ways of doing business are essential to realising that potential: Innovation is the best route to enduring financial returns and corporate renewal. And leadership is the thing that makes it happen.

Innovation Leadership is the process of creating direction, alignment, and the commitment to create and implement something new that adds value. Innovation Leadership is one of six key elements of the Growth Engine Framework Model. Leadership custom and practice have been found to play a critical role in creating the environment and incentives for enabling the shift from good-to-great innovation performance. Leadership provides the conditions, permission and incentives for innovation while organization structure and routines make it flow.

Unfortunately, we give the collective business leadership community a B- on their innovation leadership report cards: Boards need to boost their concern for technology and innovation management issues and become far more involved as innovation activists.

The leadership difference accounts for about half of the variation in performance across similar organizations: 15% directly from the leader
and 35% from the choice of strategy.


A quick and highly impactful read that could transform the way you lead your company’s innovation efforts to enjoy new levels of performance.

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