Innovation Conversations

Let’s have a conversation – An Innovation Conversation

Why should you read The Innovation Conversation? So, I’m in. It’s been 8 years in my head; far too long if I am being truthful to myself. I’d like you to be In too. Why not join me to share one idea about innovation management, once a week that just might help us all improve? … Read more

Breakthrough Innovator's Book cover

Why we made The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint

Introducing the Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint. In this article discover, Why do you need a Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint? Who is the Blueprint for? What will it do for you? What Innovation Leaders said about the Blueprint How can you get help? Reading time 6 minutes.   Let’s Celebrate the Breakthrough Innovators Picture the scene. You’ve just … Read more

what is disruptive innovation?

What is Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive Innovation: A true story of disruption What do you think you know about the Kodak story? It’s a commonly told tale that Kodak was disrupted BECAUSE it failed to spot the rise of digital camera technology, failed to invest and, the rest is history… Expect that story, that myth is wrong. Kodak engineers were … Read more

does diversity drive innovation

Does diversity drive innovation?

Is there a link between diversity and inclusion for better innovation? Reading Time 15 minutes About: Is there a link between diversity and inclusion and better innovation results? The Insight articles explore why and how that might be the case. Value:  A summary of the evidence for increasing diversity and three practical ways innovation managers … Read more

Global Innovation Index 2023 V2

Global Innovation Index 2023: Highlights and Commentary

Reading Time 14 minutes About: The findings from the Global Innovation Index for 2023 have been released. The GII was first published in 2007 but is now produced by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). I’ve read it so you don’t have to and have summarised it here. It makes for intriguing findings and several … Read more

The Breakthrough Innovator's Model

Organize for Breakthrough Innovation with the Breakthrough Innovator’s Model

Reading Time 9 minutes About: The Breakthrough Innovator’s Model is a total system of innovation guiding firms towards creating radical – breakthrough solutions that customers will reward you for. Value: recast your innovation organisation by mastering nine key elements. Watch the video or read the transcript.   What story do you tell yourselves about innovation in … Read more

how to implement roadmapping

Implementation of the strategic roadmapping toolbox for innovation and technology mastery

Reading Time 14 minutes About: This article gives your a framework for the implementation of strategic roadmapping. Success comes not only from the techniques and processes but from good planning and change management.  Value: Get faster results from your strategic roadmapping, create more momentum and a virtuous circle of delivery. Strategic roadmapping – implementing the … Read more

Planning your project

Planning for strategic roadmapping

IMAGE: Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash Reading Time 14 minutes About with forethought, good planning for your strategic innovation roadmap will dramatically increase outcomes. This article covers some good practices to take on board immediately. Value: improve your preparation, running and outcomes of your strategic roadmapping project.   Strategic Roadmapping to increase successful innovation … Read more

Innovation Failure, theblowup at Unsplash

Innovation is (mostly) a losing game: How to fail well not fast

IMAGE: theblowup at Unsplash Reading Time 9 minutes About innovation, failure comes with the territory, a bit of fun about the Museum of Failure and how companies create psychologically safe innovation environments for Good failure. Value: Understanding how to create a better working approach to failure that serves us all well.   Innovation Failure: Why … Read more

Book cover Vaxxers

Vaxxers: A triumph of technology management

Reading Time 11 minutes The story and lessons learned behind the Oxford vaccine development that saved countless lives and billions of dollars (and counting…) I have to warn you, it’s a long article, but it’s well worth reading (if I do say so myself). I was jolted from a sunny daze on my deck half … Read more

eBook cover: Innovation Leadership

eBook – Innovation Leadership: Its contribution to high performing innovation results

Innovation Leadership: Its contribution to high-performing innovation results eBook: 43 pages Learn about The Four Levels of Innovation Leadership The Seven central ideas in the custom and practice of leading innovation The Ten Innovation Killers. How the Innovation Leadership MapTM guides an improvement agenda How to develop organizational behaviours and routines that put Learning at … Read more