Your Roadmap to Technology and Innovation Mastery: How to become more innovative (Part 2)

Reading time 11 minutes. Questions you ask: How do I increase our innovation performance? How do I become more innovative? What do the best innovators do to succeed? What are the barriers to innovation? PART 2: The roots of innovation improvement: Maturity to Measurement to Mastery In the first part of this article LINK, I … Read more

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Building a Digital Innovation System for Remote Working

Learning from the UK Rail Demonstrator about what to do (and what not to). The use of digital technologies as tools has risen in prominence to become a new reality for innovations who still want to make progress in their growth plans. While organisations grapple with new realities about what works, foundational principles of good … Read more


Innovation At Scale: Demonstrating a Digital Infrastructure for the Rail Sector

The UK rail industry is ripe for innovation. Challenges and frustrations faced by passengers are frequently hitting the headlines. But where should the industry start with making innovations to improve the customer experience? And how can it make sure customers are listened to as part of managing the innovation process? Rob Munro shares some insights … Read more


Scaling up from Idea to Impact

6 minute read. In this article – one of 3 short articles about the Roadmap to Scaleup approach, my colleague in the Roadmap to Scaleup Peer Group Frank Mattes, Founder of LeanScaleup picks up the story and explains the key elements of the corporate scaling up solution. Previous articles on the corporate innovation situation in … Read more

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Future Value Pools for the Corporate Innovator

Corporate innovators are turning their attention to creating innovation-led growth by creating high-potential corporate startups and to scale them to make a significant impact. In the second in a series of articles is a prelude to the Roadmap to Scaleup 2021 peer-group later in 2021, I discuss how to stimulate ideas for new ventures – … Read more

Keynote Speaker: NEPIC digitalisation conference 2020

Keynote Speaker: Industrial Digitalisation: What’s popular (and what works)

Invitation to speak at the Northeast process Industries Cluster (NEPIC) annual conference 2020 on industrial digitalization and cybersecurity. Like most conferences, it’s been delayed as the effects of the global health emergency roll on.  Switching to a virtual platform, I presented insights from the first efforts by manufacturers into the adoption of industrial digital technologies … Read more

The Trusted Advisor fro Innovation

The Business Case for Hiring an Innovation Consultant

Why you should consider hiring an innovation consultant and how to convince your boss and peers of your wisdom. 8 minute read You’re already a leader in a significant business but how would you explain that you need innovation consulting advice to your boss, your peers, your staff, or yourself for that matter? The first … Read more