Case Studies

digital healthcare

Product and Capability Roadmapping for Consumer Healthcare

The task of developing the technology roadmap was given to the R&D team. It went about building a small internal and external network of experts and working through the innovation process.  The project was designed to run over four months a report was created for top management to make investment decisions. Step 1: Debrief the … Read more

Materials innovation

National Materials Innovation Strategy

Following an initial desktop review of key publications, reports and studies, a series of subject-matter expert interviews was run. This provided the input to a 1-day consultation workshop with experts and sector leaders. A key differentiator and innovation of the approach was to identify the connection of national and sectoral priorities with applications to materials … Read more

innovation strategy case study for manufacturing company

Innovation strategy for transformation and growth

A three-stage process was designed with the client. Part 1: Assess the current stage of the innovation organisation and set priorities for improvement.  The Breakthrough Innovation Assessment was used to evaluate the situation; online surveys with interviews with the senior team developed an evidence base.  A workshop was run to validate the results and select … Read more

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Roadmapping for Sustainable Energy Transition

Setting the scene To stimulate new thinking informational interviews were conducted with a variety of international energy and industrial futures experts. The results of these were framed into a draft future strategic landscape for transitional energy technologies and value creation offerings.  Participants were encouraged to complete pre-workshop inputs and use them as part of a … Read more

innovation roadmap in Northern Ireland

Innovation Roadmapping for Advanced Manufacturing in Northern Ireland

A series of stakeholder interviews were conducted with senior leaders across the sectors to give a wide scan of the opportunities, threats and solutions. Next, a two-day workshop was convened with 50 representatives from industry, academia and government. The main innovation approaches used in the workshop were business ecosystem mapping and strategic roadmapping. After the … Read more

innovation engagement

Engagement in Innovation for Professional Member Network

With a topic firmly decided an innovation process was designed to, Invite knowledgeable and interested participants to the roamdapping process and prepare their expert inputs. A one-day strategic roadmapping in-person workshop developed an innovation landscape, identified high-potential solutions and develop a suite of individual project roadmaps. A final workshop was facilitated to produce a roadmap … Read more

innovation strategy for graphene industry

The Graphene Centre: A strategic review

Key potential users of GEIC will be industrial companies and to conduct the study a number were selected from across the supply chain: from large to SME, from electronics to composites and beyond. Interviews with senior innovation and business leaders were held to understand the wants and needs of the GEIC. The results were quickly … Read more

Training an innovation community

Training an innovation community

A survey of managers and leaders across the complex multinational business was undertaken that showed there was a clear difference in development practices and the take up of approaches and the value delivered. The proposal was to create a common training and development platform across the businesses that provided a similar look and feel and … Read more

risk-based development

A Risk Based Approach to Technology Development

Process: A technology risk assessment process was developed and run for the client and used to assess and mitigate the key risks to commercialization. A mitigation plan fed the trial development programme with the critical information needed which focussed efforts and resources. Results: The key decisions were the scale of manufacturing facility and understanding the … Read more