Innovation Success is a strategic consultancy for business and technology leaders in technology-intensive organisations.

I am Rob Munro, an innovation and manufacturing expert with over 25 years’ experience walking and talking innovation.  I bring proven innovation management approaches to lift company innovation performance and find actionable sources of new revenue.

Since I was a small boy, I loved to experiment in our family workshop. As a chartered engineer in large companies, I excelled to create new products, processes and solutions that dramatically shifted the company’s prospects.

But it wasn’t enough…

Now, as a business leader and practising innovation advisor, I want to exponentially lift your performance.

And Innovation is the most powerful response to global challenges and company renewal.


My career and qualifications

Before starting Innovation Success I had a successful international chemical and advanced materials companies ICI and Johnson Matthey.

My roles included leading product and process innovation for major new assets, project development, and business development in a new venture.

I was fortunate to travel the world through its international businesses and saw the very best of innovation and business.

I became a chartered engineer in 1997 and fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in 2011.

And I hold an MBA with distinction with a focus on innovation and technology management from Manchester Business. School.

For Business Strategy and Technology Planning, I deliver services as an associate of IfM Engage the knowledge transfer company of the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University.

IfM Engage has a mission to transfer and integrate world-leading knowledge and solutions to make a lasting difference to the future of manufacturing and the wider ecosystem.

My clients benefit from the world-leading research in innovation management and the many brilliant cases studies.

As part of the IfM’s knowledge transfer practice, I develop and deliver projects to assist clients to move their organisations forward in the following key areas:

  • Developing effective technology, innovation and business plans that align the organisation to achieve its future potential.
  • Enabling the innovation transformation of organisations.
  • Creating more effective innovation systems and approaches specifically front-end innovation.
  • Innovation process design and facilitation.

Large companies as part of their innovation strategies are turning to business building to realise new growth from non-incremental innovations.

To support corporates in this mission, I am an associate of Lean Scaleup.

Lean Scaleup™ is a proven framework co-created with over 20 industry-leading companies who want to achieve significant growth through corporate startups and ventures.

The growing Lean Scaleup community and practitioners are making an impact to help venture leaders

  • Assess their Scaling capability.
  • Develop a framework for effecting new venture scaling in your organisation.

Join me and Innovate a Better World.

Innovation and new technology is critical to your success - do you fear that too many failures are leaving you behind compared to your peers?

Are you concerned that your culture, approaches or execution are holding you back?

Do you feel the burden responsibility for the success of your new products or just want to sharpen your current approaches?

"84% of executives agree that innovation is critical for their business, YET only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance." Source: McKinsey Growth & Innovation study

Imagine an alternative…

By dramatically improving strategic certainty when innovating new products, leaders can tap into leading-edge research that will allow them to make significantly smarter decisions for long-term growth. Using proven innovation management processes, I help to identify high impact sources of new value with greater efficiency, leaving a legacy of innovation success and enhanced reputation.

I give you the tools, direction and pace to ensure you don’t get left behind in the innovation race.

You gain confidence and habits to be seen as the innovation leader.

Get the innovation results to make you proud (so others take notice).

Watch this three minute introductory video about the Innovation Imperative, my Mission and Navigation to the site.

The Internal Business Case for hiring Innovation Success

The Problem

PRIORITY: The Boston Consulting Group’s Innovation survey consistently identified innovation to be a Top 3 strategic priority with 80% of CEOs, yet 94% rate their impact as Good (McKinsey, Insight).

FEAR: The IBM Global CEO study sees leaders fearful of falling behind in the innovation arms race.

BEHAVIOUR: 68% of new ideas are treated with downright hostility. Only 25% of companies say that they are excellent both in idea creation as well as in idea execution.

DELAY: Slow products to market by 9 -12 months reduce ROI by 50% of anticipated revenues and 15 to 35% of the Net Present Value. Product delay announcements decrease the market value of the firm by 5.25%.

INCUBATORS: Make close to zero impact. A study into new business ventures showed that for 100 invested into new corporate ventures, less the 10 was returned.

What Could Innovation Success do for your Business?

  • If as CTO, you could generate an uptick of a modest 20% in new products over 5 years, what does that mean for revenue?
  • If you could increase the speed of new product launches by just 20% what would be the gain to profitability?
  • If, as CEO, you could raise your sector position just a few positions, what would that do for your company reputation (and your own)? Watch the Most Admired Company lists each year.
  • If, as head of R&D you could win investment for your research projects next year, what would that do for the company results, and your own?
  • If you could become a Great Place to Work what would that do for your staff retention and the quality of applicants?
  • What would a modest 20% rise in productivity do for your cash generation?

Read the Insights Article for the full story and to work out the tangible results where you are.

Don’t get left behind in the innovation race

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