Breakthrough Innovator's Book cover

Why we made The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint

Introducing the Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint. In this article discover, Why do you need a Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint? Who is the Blueprint for? What will it do for you? What Innovation Leaders said about the Blueprint How can you get help? Reading time 6 minutes.   Let’s Celebrate the Breakthrough Innovators Picture the scene. You’ve just … Read more

how to implement roadmapping

Implementation of the strategic roadmapping toolbox for innovation and technology mastery

Reading Time 14 minutes About: This article gives your a framework for the implementation of strategic roadmapping. Success comes not only from the techniques and processes but from good planning and change management.  Value: Get faster results from your strategic roadmapping, create more momentum and a virtuous circle of delivery. Strategic roadmapping – implementing the … Read more

Sustainable Process

Creating your Roadmap for Transition in Sustainability

Reading Time 8 minutes Roadmap for Sustainability: The problem is beyond urgent. How do we transform our companies, our commerce and society to become a sustainable one? This is a hard problem and one we are demonstrably well behind on as a society and which needs a monumental effort just to catch up. The Book … Read more