Corporate New Venture Scaling that achieves disruptive business growth

A structured and facilitated collaborative workshop and coaching-based process for validating Radical corporate ventures and establishing scaling fitness based on the Lean Scaleup™ approach.

Companies struggle to make an impact from non-incremental innovation centres. CEOs want to drive new business to transform the company and are launching corporate start-ups. The problem is that 80-90% of them make it only to the MVP stage and never return their investment.  Lean Start-up is not enough; it does not scale a big new business.

We apply the Lean Scaleup™ framework to correctly harness the resource of the core business, together with the entrepreneurial venture to create win-win outcomes and grow viable businesses.

Why do you need this?

You need to drive the existing business whilst building a new business.

You want to turn new technology into a business or accelerate business building using your corporate horsepower and competitive advantages.

To align the short-term-process-driven core organisation with agile innovation units.

To convince senior and operating business management with long-term innovation and build in success recipes for scaling.

How it works:

The Lean Scaleup™ is a proven framework developed with over 20 leading corporates and embedded with bp Launchpad, SIX and NAME.

Use the Methodology for validating PSF, MVP in the corporate context, on the aspects of venture scaling leadership to bridge the gap between the innovation unit and core business to establish internal processes and create alignment of people from two different cultures.


Annual closed Learning Lab to explore practice and transfer skills into your business.

A consulting programme that brings together Ecosystem mapping, Strategic Roadmapping and the Lean ScaleupTM Framework.

Support to your internal innovation venture team to build the playbooks for consistent business impact from new ventures.

Identify key performance measures to drive and embed new practices: Leading Indicators, Process Indicators, Outcome Indicators.

Lean Scaleup™ is a trusted approach by global corporates looking to generate business impact from non-incremental innovation.

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This service is delivered in association with Lean Scaleup.

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