Why we made The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint

Introducing the Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint.

In this article discover,

  • Why do you need a Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint?
  • Who is the Blueprint for?
  • What will it do for you?
  • What Innovation Leaders said about the Blueprint
  • How can you get help?

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Let’s Celebrate the Breakthrough Innovators

Picture the scene.

You’ve just finished an uninspiring stage-gate meeting dealing with the latest new product launches.

The CTO has walked into your office with a bounce in her step. “Jim! I’ve got back from the board meeting and got an agreement for the new market products we’ve been wanting. The only thing is, they need it by the end of the year before we go to budget. So…I’m going to need it in two months.”

You smile. It’s what you’ve been lobbying for.

Groundbreaking solutions shift the needle on sluggish revenues and fight back at the digital startups that have been nibbling at your heels.

But you also feel that weight in your stomach and the responsibility it brings to deliver.


Why do we need a Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint?

I’m Rob Munro and I’ve guided countless technology leaders to redefine their innovation strategies and achieve remarkable success.

Many CTOs struggle with three main problems: aligning innovation with business goals, creating TRUE breakthrough potential, and proving the ROI of innovation initiatives.

I understand the barriers you face and I’ve created the Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint to navigate them.


If you are an innovation leader in your company, click the link here for your free download of ‘The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint’.


Who is the Blueprint for?

Across the company, your stakeholders are driven by different and, possibly, conflicting needs.

Your CEO / MD / President asks, “How do I create the conditions in the firm so that innovation thrives and that we achieve a credible return on innovation investments as a leader among peers?”

The Chief Technology Officer or Head of Corporate Innovation asks, “How can I efficiently and effectively transform our new offerings, harness new technologies and have confidence in the innovation pipeline?”

The Head of the Innovation Centre wants to showcase their raison d’être, demonstrate business impact to the business unit heads and make the company more receptive to breakthrough innovation concepts.

The R&D Leader needs to make sure the technology development and partnerships are firmly connected to the product pipeline and show business impact to the top line.

Outside of innovation, the Head of Business Development wants assurance that customer needs are being satisfied on time.


What will it do for you?

The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint helps you create your breakthrough plan.

In just 12 weeks or less, you can set a clear, actionable innovation path for your company.

  • Create a clear and succinct Innovation Roadmap that creates excitement and shifts the status quo.
  • Influence your stakeholders using relevant information and resources – and get budget sign-off quickly.
  • Plan your Innovation Roadmap using a series of proven steps and prompts, each one designed to help you take ACTION to achieve a BREAKTHROUGH impact.
  • Facilitate your own Innovation Workshop with key stakeholders, and tap into their high-potential areas for innovation
  • Learn invaluable communication strategies to tell and sell the story for innovation.


If you are an innovation leader in your company, click the link here for your free download of ‘The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint’.


Watch this 90-second video (click CC to switch on subtitles).


What Innovation Leaders said about the Blueprint

“This guide arms the proponent with tools to help communicate a compelling narrative for bigger innovation. It reinforces the key elements required to do a thorough job and acts as a framework to make the overall objective a success.” Technical Manager, Electronics

“It guided me through the fuzzy front end. Importantly, the Pro-Tips help provide additional context which are not obvious to the less experienced. It focused me on the core goal – achieving Breakthrough Innovation.”

“It helped me understand that an innovation process is possible and desirable and helped me to explain the process to  colleagues .” COO, Chemicals Manufacturing

“I found the overall approach for innovation improvement well developed and structured towards innovation priorities and roadmaps.” MD, Top Tier Automotive

“It was really valuable to look at opportunities from various angles. We challenged our thinking as an organisation by bringing in views and expertise from the company and our partners, the ecosystem and the market.” Portfolio Director, Digital Equipment Manufacturing

“I’ve observed a surge of enthusiasm among the team about innovation in the firm. We all share a common vision and goal which propels us forward.” Development Manager


How can you get my help?

The Blueprint is a thinking process about the main steps.

But there is much more detail I go into in client projects with templates and frameworks.

I can help you design and run your breakthrough innovation process as a service.

If you want this, I recommend you complete the activities in your Blueprint. Then message me at contact@innovation-success.com to book a free and no-obligation call where I will give you feedback and suggest your best next steps.


If you are an innovation leader in your company, click the link here for your free download of ‘The Breakthrough Innovator’s Blueprint’.