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Why should you read The Innovation Conversation?

So, I’m in.

It’s been 8 years in my head; far too long if I am being truthful to myself.

I’d like you to be In too.

Why not join me to share one idea about innovation management, once a week that just might help us all improve?

Why did it take me so long?

In 2010 I was doing a lot of introspection, which for a Myers-Briggs INTJ (Pressure Prompted) does not come as much of a surprise.

After 23 years in corporate multinational companies working across the world, I decided I needed to bring change.

But what was the thing that connected the dots; what makes us all “tick?”

This is a difficult question for a lot of corporate types – the machine of the career just rolls along with a few spurts of speed and jolts along the way.

My bridge between the corporate world and beyond started by going deep into the theory and practice of innovation and technology management through my MBA with a particular focus on innovation management.

And the revelation that managing innovation was actually a thing.

The subject fascinated me, what I call Penny Dropping moments when I got to know why the world of big company operations, leadership and innovation spanned the Good, the Bad and the (downright) Ugly.

I discovered a talent for what Marcus Buckingham calls The Maximiser: Taking something average and turning it into Good. I devoured Jim Collin’s Good to Great and absorbed the concepts of Level 5 leadership. And consumed Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline about learning organisations and system thinking.

At the same time, I researched the academic literature to find What Good Looks Like in innovation and how to achieve it as a habit.


This is why it took 8 years for Innovation Conversations to hit the press.

The concept behind Innovation Conversations is to serve a regular stream of ideas for innovation, technology and business leaders who want to improve their own and their company’s results.

It’s about seeding those Thought Worms that will build up over time; that you can use in your work now and as your career evolves. I’ll give you good content that is solidly based – not “pop” innovation – and challenge.

Let’s explore this gap together. And close it.


So if your lead or run innovation or technology development or if you lead a business that wants to become more innovative and if you are intellectually curious, sign up.

Just 5 minutes once a week.


So, are you In?


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