innovation fitness

Innovation Improvement

Build best-in-class innovation capability

In a time of significant economic disruption, a company must be fit to renew itself and thrive.

Lower innovation maturity means slower and lower value new product launches, poorer agility and resilience to crisis. It can mean true breakthrough innovation is rare or non-existent.

Our solution is to build the innovation maturity of the firm.

High Innovation performance comes from a company that builds a fit and capability innovation system.

The Roadmap to Mastery is a 4 to 9-month strategic intervention to increase systemic business impact from your innovation activities.

“Rob worked with the team at John Hogg Technical Solutions, leading a strategy refresh programme in conjunction with the IfM. Rob was an excellent facilitator of the sessions, bringing both his personal experience and the tools of the IfM to the sessions enabling John Hogg to re-build their strategy. The investment in working with Rob gave excellent returns when set against the growth the company has seen since. I look forward to the chance of working with him again.”

Project delivered under association with IfM Engage

John Hogg Technical Solutions
Chemicals Manufacturing

Motives for CTOs and Boards

  • Are you sitting on an Innovation goldmine? Prospect for new opportunities from your existing technology and R&D portfolio.

  • Do you want to drive superior responses to commercial and technological opportunities in digitalisation and sustainability transformation?

  • Do you need to make better decisions about technology and innovation investment to create ongoing confidence with investors and stakeholders?

  • Is moving the company to a position of consistent and transformational innovation, greater agility and resilience a priority? Win in the war to attract and retain talent.

The Breakthrough Innovator's Masterclass

Starting a conversation for what good innovation looks like

Inspire for innovation and technology fitness

The Breakthrough Innovation Assessment

Setting the agenda for innovation fitness

Assess your innovation and technology fitness

The Roadmap to Innovation Mastery Programme

Delivering transformational growth and innovation fitness

Build your innovation and technology fitness

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