I can support your growth to become an effective leader of innovation.

Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching for Leaders who want to guide their organisation towards profitable transformation.

A rolling of one to one coaching for senior or aspiring innovation leaders. You have decided to take the step towards innovation excellence but want the reassurance of a guide and coach while tapping into the innovation management methods appropriate to your situation. The result is renewed confidence in being able to lead and guide an organisation towards transformation.

If 80% of CEOs state that innovation is a top 3 priority, why do only a minority take action? In a time of significant economic disruption, a company must be ‘match fit’ to renew itself and to thrive. The same is true of leaders. High Innovation performance comes from the company becoming agile in several areas with personal leadership of innovation at the top of the agenda.

Why do you need this?

You want personal expert-led support as part of a short-term challenge or your longer-term personal development.

Your company is moving towards, or has just undergone, a moment of change and you need to be equipped with the skillset, toolset and mindset to lead it.

How it works:

Understand the reality of your organisation and the key high-performing innovation dimensions within your business context.

Understand your own innovation leadership profile; its strengths and set your personal improvement priorities.

Rob will be a sparring partner for you as you confront and help you overcome your innovation leadership challenges.


Complete a survey of your personal innovation leadership traits and set a plan for development through real situational improvement.

Receive feedback from being observed in action in the workplace.

Minimum of 3 months commitment with monthly one to one session (2h each) and 30-minute weekly video calls.

Complete a close out or continuation review.

…and a personal improvement process focused on you and your innovation leadership capacity by an industry experienced practitioner.

Successful Assignments

  • Water technology: Technology development plan for new water process technology.
  • Water technology: Development of technology and commercial roadmap to start-up developing water devices for developing countries and water-stressed environments.
  • Nano Technology: Develop of manufacturing scale-up plan for nanotech in the electronic devices market.
  • Health Care: Support to leadership team working to launch an early disease detection device.
  • Battery Technology: Support the development of manufacturing technology and business scale-up plans for battery recycling technology.
  • Solar Technology: Coaching the leadership team of low-cost solar conversion technology.
  • Carbon Sequestration: Coaching the senior team to prepare the start-up for significant growth.
Rated 4.8 / 5 innovation coach in Horizon 2020 Innovation programme by ten start up technology CEOs for business impact and engagement.
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