Case Study: Training an innovation community


Innovation Training and Consultancy for Confidential client

Background: Product and process development is fraught with challenges. Innovation staff are increasingly pressed to deliver more quickly sometimes with fewer resources and at the same quality.

In a large organization approaches to development can vary from person to person. In complex process innovation, techniques and methodologies are increasingly being used.


Assignment: The client had several hundred staff involved in process development and operations support, some using tools and methodologies and some using their own practices.  The client believed that more value could be released by adopting common approaches where that made sense.

The assignment was to determine how to increase training value and to realize that value and to assemble training material.


A survey of managers and leaders across the complex multinational business was undertaken that showed there was a clear difference in development practices and the take up of approaches and the value delivered.

The proposal was to create a common training and development platform across the businesses that provided a similar look and feel and focusing training on the business-specific science and technologies.

A new common programme was launched.

Outcome: 150 staff where trained on the company-wide generating an estimated £50m from greater efficiency and new product sales.