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Case Study: Towards Sector Technology Leadership


A $20bn global multi-division multinational materials producer wanted to plan a technology strategy and make a step-change in sector position. I designed, led and co-facilitated the 2-year intervention through my association with IfM Engage.

“The workshops were well organised, structured and engaged and helped us to understand the process of convergence on key ideas without any compromise to our content..!”


The company had top management backing to explore where it can attain a technology leadership position and identify the path to get there. The legacy businesses hold a complex set of existing markets and technologies but need to make changes to product, manufacturing process and services to be sustainable in the future.  Application areas and supporting technology themes needed to be validated and backed up with solid evidence about world-class innovation and make the required investment which was significant.


The starting point was a well-worked-out business strategy answering where to play and how to play questions and describing the desired end state. Validation from a technology implication perspective was required and to identify key future technologies supporting high potential value opportunities.

A multi-level workshop and desktop research process were designed to take the senior and technology teams through. Each application area was assessed by using a series of analysis tools: strategic roadmapping, idea selection and prioritisation, capabilities analysis, scenario planning, technology intelligence and make/buy assessment.  Each workshop was expertly facilitated and the outputs reported to management.  But embedding the changes needed a technology and innovation management system capable of managing the activity.  An assessment of the company position internal and compared to the sector was undertaken and the results used to set up improved organisation and governance.

Business Results

  • 10 validated market applications areas with an emphasis on radical innovation.
  • Over 20 significant areas of new value creation: products, services, processes.
  • Innovation management governance system.
  • Training programme for senior and technology teams.


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Rob Munro is an innovation strategist and consultant focussing on improving innovation results within organisations. Please contact me to discuss ways to bring greater effectiveness to your innovation and technology management processes.