Case Study: Roadmapping for Sustainable Energy Transition


Confidential Client: Multinational energy major

The company has been present in the European energy sector for four decades with a large legacy of assets and technologies in the oil and gas supply chains. The company is active in new technology and technology exploitation to support future sustainable products, services and solutions and wants to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources. As part of the innovation strategy, the technology centre wanted to look further and deeper into transitional technologies using strategic technology roamdapping with associated innovation toolkits.

This work was undertaken by association with IfM Engage the knowledge transfer unit of the IfM at the University of Cambridge by providing design, facilitation and subject-matter expertise.


A designed and facilitate technology roadmapping-based innovation process was run with a client core project team to produce a Roadmap and report detailed areas on new sustainable value creation for investment by the company.

In a nutshell the project did the following,

  1. Stimulate creative thinking in the technology organisation
  2. Design and Facilitate a strategic roadmapping workshop-based process, supplemented with technology acquisition planning.
  3. Summarise, pitch and report on the outcomes.


Setting the scene

To stimulate new thinking informational interviews were conducted with a variety of international energy and industrial futures experts. The results of these were framed into a draft future strategic landscape for transitional energy technologies and value creation offerings.  Participants were encouraged to complete pre-workshop inputs and used as part of a two-day face-to-face workshop.

The workshops

After consolidation, the technologies needed to support future value offerings were selected and defined in detail as well as acquisition strategies using different approaches to create a narrative for investment. Rapid mini-business cases were constructed around ten new topics culminating in investor-style pitches to senior leaders in the company.



Ten new products and services were prioritised from a long list of potentials ideas with an emphasis on future-facing energy transition themes

The associated technologies and enablers linked to the priority themes were detailed providing business cases for internal investments and acquisitions.



Want to know more?

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