Case Study: Rapid Technology Planning


The client was a large foods and ingredients FMCG with operations spanning the globe. As a strategic move towards a more sustainable foods system, the company wanted to explore opportunities for new snacks and ingredients. I developed and led the project under my association with IfM Engage.

“Rob is a very capable facilitator, especially given our specialist topic.”


The project was a fast turnaround with answers needed to go into the annual budget planning round within 10 weeks.  The objective was to create an integrated technology and product roadmap with preliminary business cases for R&D investment.


It was critical to making sure the best information accessed from consumer insights and external trends and expertise.  An innovation process was built to rapidly assemble a select group of the company and external experts in the topic area and run a 2-day workshop process to develop initial business cases for further development.  The “raw” material was refined and produced into an integrated roadmap with a management report to build the business case for investment.


  • Integrated Roadmap plus management in 10 weeks winning R&D funding for the next annual plan.
  • 10 preliminary business cases to gather the R&D teams around and accelerate entry to the product space.

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