Case Study: Strategic Roadmap for Formulations


Strategic Innovation Roadmap Case Study

Britest is a global leader in the development of innovative process design solutions for the chemical processing sector made up of global businesses and academic institutions representing a diverse range of industrial sectors. The collaborative ethos enables members to share knowledge and risk in defining innovative solutions to key manufacturing challenges.


As part of the business plan, Britest wanted to create a strategy for the development of new tools and methodologies that would allow members to create and improve formulated physical process technologies. A recent development in strategic innovation management is the use of visual strategy. Strategic Road mapping creates senior-level buy-in and lasts the distance[1].


The assignment was completed by a combination of face to face meetings and workshops in a number of phases of work.

  1. Agreement: Creation & sign-off on the engagement plan detailing key stages & deliverables.
  2. Research: Interviews with member companies and completion of a literature review to report the state-of-the-art.
  3. Analysis: Creation of a Roadmap to identify opportunities for technologies, projects, deliverables and resources needed to create a compelling innovation strategy.
  4. Report: Verbal and written report for the Britest Leadership with key recommendations for quick wins and next steps in the implementation journey.

Outcomes: The assignment helped the Britest Leadership Team achieve the following outcomes.

  1. A clearly identifiable and articulated strategy to communicate with Members, partners and influence funding bodies in the UK, Europe and globally.
  2. Being able to map the path, identify resources, types of projects and methodological gaps.
  3. To gain buy-in to the strategy for the physical processing and formulation area of Britest’s Innovation Programme.

Client Comments about Innovation Consultant, Rob Munro

“Rob produced a Technology Road Map which outlines a critical element of our innovation programme. He conducted the work professionally, sensitively capturing, analysing and articulating inputs from various sources and provided a means of communicating the complex challenges and opportunities to our members. This proved to be very effective and now forms the basis of our innovation programme in this area. Rob has a clear passion for promoting innovation and we were very pleased with his engagement with our members and with the manner in which he was able to identify and articulate in a generic sense the challenges presented to him by organizations from across the pharmaceutical, fine and specialty chemicals sectors.”

[1] Kerr C, Phaal R, Probert D, “Cogitate, articulate, communicate: the psychosocial reality of technology roadmapping and roadmaps”, R&D Management, 2012, 42, 1, pp1-13