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Roadmap for Industry Consortium

The assignment was completed by a combination of face-to-face meetings and roadmapping workshops in a number of phases of work. Agreement: Creation & sign-off on the engagement plan detailing key stages & deliverables. Research: Interviews with member companies and completion of a literature review to report the state-of-the-art. Analysis: Creating a Roadmap to identify opportunities … Read more

Rapid technology planning

Rapid Technology Planning

It was critical to making sure the best information accessed from consumer insights and external trends and expertise.  An innovation process was built to rapidly assemble a select group of the company and external experts in the topic area and run a 2-day workshop process to develop initial business cases for further development.  The “raw” … Read more

Technology creates strategy

Technology Strategy Creates Value for the Portfolio

An innovation process was designed based on strategic roadmapping to identify new sources of value and technology enablers for each key market area.  These were then integrated to articulate key technology themes and presented to the board for investment. Business Impact Clarity and alignment on innovation development activities. Increased strategic commitment to technology and innovation: … Read more

Sustainable Process

Towards Sector Technology Leadership

The starting point was a well-worked-out business strategy answering where to play and how to play questions and describing the desired end state. Validation from a technology implication perspective was required and to identify key future technologies supporting high potential value opportunities. A multi-level workshop and desktop research process were designed to take the senior … Read more

Preparing Innnovation Portfolio

Preparing Innovation Portfolio for Digital Services

Strategic technology roadmapping and portfolio methods are an essential toolset for innovators operating at the so-called fuzzy front end of innovation. But without a business imperative, the impact can be artificial. A new topic area was chosen to identify new sources of value creation – Digital Services – for one of the businesses and identify … Read more

John Hogg Case Study

New strategic vision for innovation and growth

A series of workshops was facilitated including business strategy creation, with stakeholders from across the company. Business Results Adoption of a more consultative approach to strategy generation Investment in operational efficiency in cash cow areas of the business which have led to significant savings Reallocation of £1.4 million worth of R+D investment to focus on … Read more

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