Too many companies are failing to reach their potential for driving innovation results.

Build your Innovation Engine

Build an Innovation Engine and future-proof your organisation


“An enterprise is a community of human beings; not a collection of human resources.”

A 6 to 18-month programme to increase systemic business impact from your innovation activities. A facilitated workshop-based process with your senior team supplemented with assessments focusing on the top priorities to generate step-change results and ROI.

80% of CEOs state that innovation is a top 3 priority, yet the majority don’t take action. In a time of significant economic disruption, a company must be fit to renew itself and to thrive. High Innovation performance comes from the company who is agile and responsive in key areas specific to its competitive situation and goals.

Why do you need this?

The company is under persistent commercial or technological threat.

Your Return on Investment for innovation activity is low and you need to show increased returns to your financial stakeholders. 

You want to be recognised as an innovation leader within your sector; as a company and as a business leader.

How it works:

Understand the reality of your organisation through an assessment of the key high-performing innovation dimensions within your business context.

Work with your senior team to establish agenda for improvement and assign resources.

Design and run a facilitated multi-day workshops – Face to Face or Remotely on high priority improvements. Flood your innovation pipeline and actively manage the programme.

After 12 months, re-assess the innovation dimensions and improvement agenda.

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Ebook composite


Innovation Transformation model based on leading research and practice. Focusing on Innovation Strategy; Leadership; Organisation; Processes; Collaboration; Climate; Behaviour.

Online assessment, interviews and industry peer best practice assessment.

Collaborative workshop with senior team and coaching with key change agents.

Identify key performance measures to drive and embed new practices: Leading Indicators, Process Indicators, Outcome Indicators.

…and an Improvement process trusted by complex organisations of mid to large scale.

Read this three-part series in how to become more innovative: Your Pathway to Technology and innovation Mastery.

Part 1: The Roots of the Strategy Problem

Part 2: Maturity to Measurement to Mastery

Part 3: Delivering Innovation Improvement

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