Breakthrough Innovation Strategy

Advisory Services for Innovation Leaders that need to create compelling innovation plans

In a time of significant technological change, making the right decisions is critical. New innovations may rely on a wide range of technologies as a response to competitive change.

You need to quickly understand the threats and opportunities to the business.

Yet you are disappointed with the quality and scale of the new products and services the company is launching.

The new technologies and capabilities needed to make these new offerings seem to elude the company or are delivered late.

You want a bigger impact, faster with greater ROI.

Let's create your Breakthrough Innovation Strategy.

Building the Future

Innovation strategy for complex situations of change.

  • New technologies
  • Digitalisation
  • Sustainability transition

Breakthrough Innovation Roadmap

Strategic roadmapping new products, solutions and technologies

  • Roadmap new products and services
  • Identify key capabilities

“I think you can reasonably claim that £100mpa of new products and services was identified by this process. I consider that to be a good return on investment and we were also able to develop a rigorous process to develop business cases bound for our new digital innovation centre.”

Confidential Client CTO, International Systems Company


“The process allowed us to create a roadmap for new ingredients and identified several breakthrough products for us to invest in next year. Rob is a very capable facilitator, especially given the level of awareness in our specialist topic.”

Confidential Client VP R&D, International FMCG Company

Innovation-Success is associated with IfM Engage at the University of Cambridge, using the world-class Roadmapping methods of the Institute for Manufacturing.

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